La coalizione internazionale dei Partiti Pirata supporta Wikileaks

La coalizione internazionale dei Partiti Pirata (di cui fa parte anche il Partito Pirata Italiano) ha deciso di creare un mirror di Wikileaks per garantire che la sua voce non venga spenta:

“Last Sunday we have conducted the first meeting of Pirate Parties on the subject "Mirroring of Whistle-blower Pages", e.g. Wikileaks. It has been decided to actively mirror wikileaks in the first step. The actually mirroring started on Sunday as a decentralized network structure (cluster).

More technically details could be given to you if you are interested to join this pirate initiative.

Furthermore the following has been decided on Sunday: "Wikileaks stays independent, but we should take this cyberwar serious and will offer this service to other whistleblower platforms. The current situation is too serious to not keep wikileaks online."

The involved Pirate Parties and the PPI have issued press releases informing about this joint efforts. It has been picked up very widely by the media.

Pirates Parties involved so far: PP-DE, PP-AT, PP-CH, PP-LU, PP-RU, PP-UK, PP-RS, PP-CZ and PP-US”

Il Partito Pirata Italiano ha assicurato il suo appoggio poche ore fa.

Alessandro Bottoni           

segretario Partito Pirata Italiano




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