Follia in Norvegia

Quello che è accaduto in Norvegia non deve giustificare nessuna restrizione delle libertà e della democrazia. Ciò che un pazzo può fare è imprevedibile e prevenibile solo con una coscienza collettiva derivante da una maggior democrazia e partecipazione. Le condoglianze e la solidarietà vanno al Popolo Norvegese, ai parenti e amici delle vittime cui siamo vicini.

Il testo condiviso da tutti i pirati che compongono l' Internazionale dei Partiti Pirata

logo PPIPirate parties around the world are shocked by the happenings in Norway. We want to express our deepest sympathy for the victims and solidarity with their surviving friends and relatives. We commonly despise humans that sow fear and sorrow among our societies. What has happened can not be undone and can neither be prevented. Those people that are mad enough to commit such unspeakable crimes towards humanity can never be prevented from conceiving such perverse ideas. 
Yet there are already those calling for further preventions: more surveillance, more police, more state control. They draw a vision of a world, where this will never again happen, yet they deny the reality that there will be either circumventions to the control or that the inner idea of democracy will cease to exist. We, the pirates, do not want to imply that no pragmatic measures can be taken at all, but we are unfortunately all to well aware in what blinded ways politics are likely to go ran astray in such hard times.
The answer to such horrible acts can not lie in the simple answer of enclosing our societies further, as this will lead only towards more isolation and alienation of people; in contrast it has to lie within further opening democratic debates in order to embrace a collective consciousness; a consciousness that addresses real problems and fears, not only symptoms.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. "  Benjamin Franklin

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